Empowering the next billion internet users
Cloud Phone by CloudMosa provides technology that enables feature phones to run compelling applications, making modern internet access possible for the world's most underserved communities.
What is Cloud Phone?
Bridging the “B-Gap”
One third of the world's population lacks internet access. Connectivity may be widespread, but affordable devices are not. They are the missing part of the online access equation.
As we transition to from 2G to 4G, the urgency to bridge this gap intensifies. The shift to 4G calls for devices that can keep up with technological advancements, yet remain affordable.
Key features
Designed for the next billion internet users, Cloud Phone enables innovation on feature phones to meet these demands.
Breakthrough technology on the most affordable devices
Harnesses cloud computing to transform the most basic traditional feature phones into smart devices.
Access to real-time content
Cloud Phone connects to servers to access and render real-time content from the web, eliminating the need for device-based application installations.
Unlimited potential for
ecosystem partners
For telecommunications carriers, phone manufacturers, content providers and developers, Cloud Phone unlocks new avenues of growth.
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